8 days of awesome

Boulder is just one of those places where you never know what's going to happen when you leave the house on your fixie. Last weekend I ended up at a BBQ with a bunch of cool Burning Man folks, dance party ensued.  This week, made it through my first round of sales meetings with the company I work for and learned a few things.

  • This industry is the shit and I'm lucky to be part of a company full of fun, rad guys who like to party.
    • Don't party too hard the first night, it's a long haul to the weekend.
      • Be prepared to take some heat.
      • Be prepared to keep up.
  • Hold your own - ladies, it's tough, but do the work and earn it.
  • Network, network, network.

Found a rope swing, played a ton of frisbee, acquired some new bruises and scrapes (shocker) and generally survived four days of getting after it with a team of about 25 dudes.

Headed into the weekend, found that the 303 Vodka distillery is the best garage party ever. On my way to the rez to cheer on one of my friends who was racing in the sprint tri series, I happened across a local man who'd fallen in the street and called 911 while trying to get him out of the road and find out what had happened. Made it to the rez, a yoga class, a pool party, a brewery and another bbq and ended up with about 10 new girlfriends that I don't know how I've survived without.

There's just something about this town...

It's magic.