Anything less than the best is a felony.


I drove 750 miles yesterday, listening to This American Life, learning how to count cards, catching up with old friends and doing the kind of thinking that only 11 hours of solitude in a small car allows. Despite my distractions, when I pulled into Buffalo, Wyoming for gas, this sign caught my eye and after I got through the "AMURICA! F*CK YUAH!" roaring in my head, I thought about the patriotism, and maybe more importantly, the commitment that it demanded.

While my politics tend away from the let's-put-a-boot-in-their-ass end of the spectrum, I do stand up for the things that I believe in.

This is our country, we all want to be proud of it and should work actively (especially in an election year) toward effecting the change we feel needs to be made for us to do so. Whatever that means for you.

On a more personal level, these are our lives, and they are short.

I thought about relationships, jobs, friends, shoes, yoga, my dog, blackjack... you get the point. The takeaway from 11 hours of thinking was that I want everything that's in my life to be worthwhile. My work, my friends, my experiences. I don't want to settle, get by, make do. Maybe it's just the Colorado in me, but this shit should be epic.

So, love it or leave it. Your boyfriend. Your job. Your outlook. Your politics. It can be better, but you have to do the work. Commit. Make the change. Do it now.

"You better hit bull's eye, the kid don't play."