Back on the Wagon

This weekend (that being thursday through saturday) - I took a time out from my strict no booze - meat - caffeine regimen to experiment with re-entry. Thursday I had a cup or two of coffee and built a new website, that night I met a friend at one of my fave downtown restaurants (pooles) for red wine, duck confit, a royale and gourmet mac and cheese. Delish. After, we went to this amazing little bar (the foundation) for a bourbon. It was everything I wanted and more. I should have stopped there. Friday was leftovers, and I went for a cheeseburger and a bloody mary on saturday afternoon. Followed by an evening of wine. Bad move. I slept terrible, felt feverish and my digestion was a mess. To the point where I couldn't go to yoga today.

So I'm refocusing my intention. A cheat day is ok every now and again, but it needs to be done with intention and restraint. I just sort of went all out and I feel awful today. Fortunately, this weekend made me remember how amazing I felt when I was on the veghead wagon. My fall from grace taught me a valuable lesson, and that's what growth is all about: testing your limits. Sometimes you find you're capable of more, and sometimes you're reminded to stay right where you are.