Day 10: he's got a nice downdog.

So this morning before I left for work, I unrolled my mat for a little stretching. Coops (my siberian) was having a nap on the sofa and watched me warily with one eye while I went through my cat-cows, a couple child's poses, etc. As I stretched up into my first down dog and took a few deep breaths, I heard him shake his collar and hop down from the couch. I rolled forward into plank and looked up. Coops was standing two feet in front of me, and looked (as I interpreted it) slightly intrigued. He would follow me onto the mat when I shifted back into my dog, back away from me into a playful position when I came forward into plank. This went on for a minute or so, then he yawned, stretched his front legs, and showed me how it was done. He cocked his chin to me as if to say, 'and that's how the dog gets down,' shook his butt and returned to the sofa. Well, shit.

Part of me wanted to inform him that his weight was a little far back, but who am I to tell the dog he's doing it wrong? And he just looked so satisfied with himself as he stretched out on my living room furniture.

Also: cobra, savasana ala Cooper.