Day 12: Forget it.

Everything you know or think about yourself - forget it all. It's quite likely that none of it holds true. As we go through our lives, there are certain things that we tell ourselves, over and over, inside of our heads. There's (hopefully) no one else in there, so who's to dispute our claims? We start to accept these fabrications as truth, in fact, we start to project new ones just in case a situation arises that we don't have a good self-lie ready for. I tell myself that my right side is stronger than my left. I predict that my poses will be weaker on the left, my balance less steady, etc. Interestingly, as Yvonne guided us into side-crow this morning, I already had it in my head that I can't do the pose and she says, "that, that right there, that you're telling yourself right now, stop that! It's not true. Let it go." What, me? Say, who? I wasn't saying anything... ok, get ready to fail at side crow.

I did not fail at side crow. I hoped right up on that side crow. Holy crap. Well, that must mean that I was somehow using the right side of my body to hold myself up, because my left side is weak. I'll just go ahead and prepare to fail on the right side. Which I did, as per my own instructions. But I had surprised myself going in. I surprised myself again when we went into Natarajasana (lord of the dance pose). I could do that too. Hmmm. I was tired and a little all over the place mentally, but I worked my butt off this morning and left feeling amazing (as always). I did more am more than I have ever given myself credit for. It's a good feeling.