Day 13: Geeking Out

The past few weeks have been busy. Really busy. I've been pushing myself in ways I wouldn't have dreamed possible a year ago. I skipped class today mostly because of sleep deprivation and lack of options. I'm having some inner struggles that would have been more 'distraction' than 'teacher' in the studio. I finally put my 'why did I move here?" "what am I doing?" and  "what the eff is going on?" away long enough to make my way through the latest Yoga Journal, make a menu for this week (a tough one since I'm moving this weekend), and do some research on teacher trainings, studios across the southeast and Wanderlust Festival. It was good to sit for a while and bond with my yoga-dork-ness. I've been doing so much yoga, I forgot the part of me that like to explore and play with the more intellectual and spiritual side of the practice, the part of me that wants to be yoga. I love that it is such a complete system - a way to live and be in every aspect of your life, from relationships to diet to exercise and spirituality. My OCD loves having everything covered. I also love that it is so easy to incorporate yoga into the lives that we already live. If you can make the time, yoga can teach you to create so much more joy per hour than you ever though possible. I am constantly looking for ways to share this message, though for now, that will have to consist of the internets and my big mouth. ;-)

The view from my bed this lovely january evening:

geeking out

Such a yogadork!