Day 22.2 - time to make the donuts.

I skipped out tonight. Straight up. No qualms, either. I spent yesterday moving all my stuff across town in the snow, and still made it to class. I had to do some things at the old place this morning, followed by 6 patients in a row, followed by what should have been yin class, but instead was a quick stop at the krispy kreme and standing-donut-in-face pose in my new kitchen. After a week's worth of stress surrounding this move and the snow storm that would render my preparations useless, I needed a night to come home and chill and not have to be up til all hours getting credit card payments in under the wire. I designed this 108 day commitment to allow for the things in life that just happen sometimes, despite our best laid plans. I was sick friday morning, class was canceled saturday morning - tonight I just needed a doughnut, thursday I leave for my dear friend's wedding and I wouldn't dream of taking away from her special time because I must find a yoga class while I'm there. This weekend is about her, not me. Tonight was about me, not yoga. There are times when you have more to work with and you can do a little extra - there are times when you just don't have it in you and you need to do a little less.

I got my bills paid, my room (mostly) unpacked, and am about to order pizza and watch my favorite show with my friends. This is my yoga for day 22 - finding balance, not just on one leg, but in all things.