Day 3: slow motion

A little recap of the challenge so far: Tuesday: yin practice & power flow. My ocd brain was very excited to start my mala the day my new mat came in the mail. As some of you know, I found out the hard (annoying) way that I am allergic to natural rubber. Everytime I used my eko mat my hands burned and broke out in tiny blisters  - which made me less than excited about my down dog (even though that mat has a grip on it that is hard to believe). I called the nice folks at manduka to find out what mats they have that don't have any rubber in them and apparently the blackmat is made of pvc and is totally rubber free - so I bit the bullet and ordered one. As per my first few uses it's pretty slippy, so if anyone has advice on that front, I'd love to hear it.

I love my yin class and Yvonne is currently reading Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg to keep us entertained. Three minutes of dragon still stung, but it could have been worse. Yin was a lovely way to get ready for Power Flow (I'm stockpiling classes at the beginning because I know there are a bunch of days coming up when I might not be able to make it to the studio).  Conni has such great vocab and I love the pace of her class. It's hard for me since I don't have the most upper body strength, but I've done things in that class that I didn't think I was capable of on several occasions. So, Day 1 - down.

Wednesday I went to a morning vinyasa class and learned that my cobra doesn't 'slither' (at least not like my hands do, all over this mat), and that I'm especially un-slithery after chinese food for dinner the night before. Lesson #1 - plan ahead. I'm going to have to take really good care of myself to support my yoga practice and food is the foundation. I experimented with vegetarianism this fall and it worked really well for me, so I think that is my best bet going forward. I'll still eat yogurt, eggs and cheese, but I need to cut out the really heavy and filling stuff. Bring on the quinoa! Lesson #2 - hydrate! I have zero energy when I don't drink enough water. I know this, but need to be more conscious of how much water I'm actually drinking. Wednesday night I went to Flow & Stretch and it felt good to wind down with a mellow evening class and a lot of deep floor poses. Slowing down is good for me since I tend to run at mach 10 most of the time. I'm going to my restorative class tonight to ease me into a day off tomorrow - unless I decide to go to bikram with Chris instead... you never know!

I'm so excited about doing this. Everyone I've talked with about it has been very supportive and some of my friends even want to come with me to class! Ever since I set foot in Blue Lotus, I've been on fire for yoga and want to expose as many people as possible to it. I've dreamed of creating yoga classes in the public schools and free classes for women's shelters. I think that the more exposure yoga gets, the better off the world will be.

So, tonight I'm slowing down, reminding myself not to burn out, trying to take it all in. Staying in motion, but moving slowly and deliberately, in the moment. Here. Now. Day three. Beautiful.