Day 3/8: stoned

I have no words, shocking I know. That's what a yoga mission does to you though - makes you think more, talk less. I don't need to tell you guys how awesome it was to do 4 hours of yoga yesterday, I'm lucky that it's available to me - so many folks saw my post on FB and said "man, I wish I could do that!"  One of my old yoga buds said, "Cate, it's amazing how you just show up and get it done every time you roll out that long ass Manduka of yours." It's interesting when you have a chance to witness the difference between your perception of how you appear to others and what they see. Going back to what I was talking about yesterday regarding validation - when you stop seeking approval, and just stay your path and do what you need to do, approval comes. From everywhere.

I've said this before, but yoga is the one thing that I do for me, to make myself feel good, to stay strong on many levels, to keep it together. I find it interesting that in a space in which I seek nothing from others I get so much amazing feedback.

So, yesterday. I mean, I cut out of work early and did two classes. It was freaking awesome. I got LIT UP by some amazing teachers and with some amazing folks. I dragged parties willing and not on my little mission from Om Time to the Pod and everyone got their fix. I sweat. A lot. And I really really love my lulu hold me close crops (<<-- shameless plug) for a slippery crow pose.

That's pretty much it. Day 3. Keeping myself on the mat and out of trouble and kicking ass.

And, in case you were wondering: this is what yoga stoned looks like:

After one class:











After two: