Day 37: and everything is going to the beat...

I am moving through this mala, this 108 days of my life, my work and my relationships to a certain beat. It's steady, rhythmic - I stop listening now and again, but it's always there, woven through and under and around everything that I do, and just when I need it, someone or something brings me back in step.

In spite of everything that's changing right now, everything that is hanging in the balance, everything that is yet undefined - I feel grounded. Like a song I know by heart, I seem to know where this is going. Like a refrain, a routine and a mantra bring you back to your purpose - often just a reminder to breathe, and you melt back into your life. Who am I? Right now? In this pose? In this moment? While I'm evolving as I move forward, and I am excited about the turns my life is taking, I have to remember to be. here. now.  In so doing, I am always the most current version of myself, never overreaching, trusting that I'll be provided with what I need, when I need it, right on time.

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