Day 55: The Other Side.

I am officially in the second half of my mala. Day 54 has passed. Day 55 marks a new beginning. For a lot of things. I spent this weekend doing things I love. Yoga, the movies, roller derby, carolina basketball, and, most importantly, my friends. My good friends. the yoga was amazing. the movie was amazing. carolina sucked. my friends are my light. SUCH a good time last night. Such an amazing class this afternoon.  A beautiful, cleansing positive class that I cherish for being the first on the back half of my mala. I love the idea of being able to cleanse my life of this things that I don't want to carry with me into my future. I did this at my 30th birthday, at the end of 2009 for the decade. here at the halfway point, and I'm sure i'll do it again in 53 days.


onward and upward.