Day 6: this class goes to 11.

Best. Class. Ever. Yesterday morning's class was amazing, tonight was that class, on crack. I love Yvonne's classes. She runs us through the poses a couple times, cranks the music and sends us on our way. She throws in an occasional "inhale" or "right leg" to keep us on track, but that's all we need to be reminded to do anyway, breathe and switch sides. I love that she gives us room to move, to have a chance to experience the 'flow' as a moving meditation, with minimal instruction. I used to find it hard to follow, but now that I understand what moves generally go in what order, it's practically second nature. It was amazing - fun, challenging, sweaty, packed! The energy was so great (I love a full class) - I've been jamming since I left four hours ago. Tonight was the essence of what I love about a yoga class and, actually, yoga itself: the opportunity to go farther than you think you can. I would like to have some esoteric metaphor for yoga and heavy metal, but it's really just that I saw a metal show saturday night, live near a club called Volume 11, love Spinal Tap and tend to make this reference anytime something exceeds my expectations.


This class went to eleven! I went to eleven! When I teach yoga, I want my classes to go to eleven.

No deep message tonight, just geeking out on how much I love yoga.