Day 8: yoga ain't all happiness & enlightenment

A lot of people equate yin yoga with props and restorative poses. If you're feeling restored, you're probably not doing it right. I equate yin yoga with pain and suffering, for a good cause, of course, but pain and suffering all the same. Maybe it's not that painful, but I'm making a point. It's the suffering that brings us closer - to the perfect expression of the pose, to ourselves, to our truth. It's the journey that we experience; it's in traveling that we learn. Once we're there, we get it. The destination is the reward, we become this person that we've been working toward, but the getting there is the juice. In yin class, coming out of the pose is the reward, and you have to work for that sweet release. I try to remember this during three minutes of not-so-happy baby, and relish those moments of pain, because then I know I'm really growing, truly moving forward.

***addendum - clearly my brain was mush last night after class since this is all I came up with =D