Day 8/8: put a bird on it

So, I made it. 8 classes in 8 days. 6 poses named after birds. 4 different teachers. 3 new friends. 2 Pacificos to celebrate (a very good decision in and of itself), and a certain sense of accomplishment that doesn't involve a checklist. There are things afoot that I needed time to think about, without distractions and in a measured and specific way. I knew that Boulder summer being what it is, there was a chance I'd hit a BBQ or the creek swing until it was dark each night and not do the work I needed to do for myself, to get some clarity around what's going on in my life right now.

So I dragged my 9 pound Manduka all over town, rolled it out, said my 'Om's, got up with a lot of birds (crow, side crow, bird of paradise, pigeon, peacock, eagle) and got down with getting into it.  And I got into it. More than just making it to class every day, a feat in itself no doubt, I reinvigorated an already strong practice and finished beyond excited about what I'm able to do both on the mat and off.

So nights 5/6/7 are coming, but the takeaway from the whole week was really just that committing yourself to anything takes you places. It's the doing that changes things and gives you perspective - often not what you were expecting, but better something new than something known. No?