Day 94: Vice Versa

Things are.... however they are, but in every moment lay possibilities of something else. Things that could be. Things that you can make happen. I've been feeling stuck recently, in my practice, in my town, in my job, in my life (which, don't get me wrong, I enjoy very much). But I've been wondering at how things are, doing things out of habit, without the same fire that I put into them 6 months ago.

Tonight, I went to class mostly out of obligation - I told myself I would, I have a responsibility to take care of myself, physically and mentally. My teacher had returned from a month long adventure through points far flung, and I assumed we'd pick up where we left off. Things would resume as they had been.

But everything was different.

The class was made up of the same people in the same room, with our same teacher and a series that wasn't too far off of what we normally do, and yet, different.

The life I put into my poses, the commitment and dedication to my practice that I've been cultivating for the last six months, even the sweat that seemed to fling itself from my pores with new life was different. Exciting.

On a day when I woke up expecting things to be as they have been, I was presented with new opportunities everywhere I looked.

My massage this week was an invitation to live without pain. My patients presented opportunities for me to reinvent how I do things. My family opened a door to an entirely different idea of what my work can, and hopefully will, be. My yoga teachers have given me the gift of what my practice has become.

It is very possible that things could stay as they are, but they could just as easily be the exact opposite.