DIY meets CSI: seeing red.


  I'm almost embarrassed (you know, red in the face?) at that post title. Almost.

On my mission for red pants, I've come up with the following options:

New red wunders from lululemon at... whatever those cost.

J.Crew red skinnies on sale at $70+

Given that I'm in the red, I'm have trouble getting.... in the red, if you catch my drift.

Enter inspirational blog post on dyeing this summer's faves a more fall-tastic hue from my lovely NYC-based friend / DIY-er extraordinaire, Meredith.

RIT dye, $4 (Boulder markup much? Mere paid $1 in New York. Can a girl not save a red cent in this town? WTF.)

My well loved (read: much rocked) not-so-white-anymore jeans.

(nothing to do with this:)

A plastic rubbermaid from target.

And this:


+ this:

and oh, hey Fall. 'Sup.



My bathroom resembles a serious crime scene, but the only culprit here is KILLER STYLE. HEY OHHHH!  I'll be the one painting the town... ok I'll stop.

***technical notes: I used a bottle and a half of liquid Rit Scarlett dye in 3-ish gallons of HOT water. I added a cup of salt after 5 minutes, and I accidentally put them in the dye bath dry, but it didn't seem to make much difference. I soaked them for 30 minutes, making sure that they stayed submerged, and rinsed with warm, then cool water before washing in the machine on warm and drying at the regular setting.