Even more Crime Scene DIY...


... you know, because I'm killing it.

Well, TEDx is over, and if you've been following me on Twitter since, you know that I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel for relevant short-form witticisms and have resorted to every sort of ho-hum update shy of my bathroom schedule. Well, actually I almost went there. The schedule, not the bathroom. I go there on the reg. OK, more DIY less TMI, I know. But, I'm DIYing in the bathroom! Fuck me. Nevermind.

So, the event was an incredible experience, and the culmination of months of not only blood, sweat and harassing everyone I know to come via every outlet at my disposal social media, but also nearly two years of building an amazing community here in Boulder, and realizing how much I love all the folks that have somehow found their way into my life. I feel very blessed to have landed back here and be supported by you guys, and, for the first time, I feel not only accepted for who I am, but encouraged to be that person with everything I have.

Erika Napoletano gave one of my favorite talks last saturday night on the power of honesty and, I've written about this before (and also the edges and experiences theme of TEDxBoulder 2012, interestingly enough, here - self promotion, what what), but when we get really clear about what we want and who we are, we carry a quiet (less so in my case) confidence that the peeps who stick around after we've said our piece are there because they really love us. There is trust and that is awesome and allows us to get after it.

POINT OF POST: TEDx has come and gone, but the red ain't dead, folks. As a nod to Erika and all the other redheaded renegades I know, bringing it everyday, I decided to up the ginger-ante.

I got grounded for this in '93, so I guess there are some perks to being out and on your own. Sorry mom.

***Notes: I used Manic Panic Pillarbox Red, a toothbrush and a whole lot of tinfoil to keep this jazz junk shit off my face. I applied the dye when my hair was still towel-dried damp, and left it on for nearly 45 minutes, hitting it with a hairdryer for a few at the end. Many thanks to Emily at The Ritz for help with color selection, and my girl Chelsea at SideDoor for technical how-to!