FAIL! (not really)

I went to yoga. I couldn't help myself. It was just an hour, just a teensy hour of nice mellow lunchtime yoga... that doesn't really count, right? I mean, I hardly broke a sweat! although, I did eat a really delicious tempeh reuben at the Remedy Diner after...mmmmmm. anyway. What could I have possibly gotten out of that?

Well, aside from a nice relaxing workout, I got..... A BUZZ!!! I totally did! And I didn't even see it coming. I was all 'ooh, interesting, this is just me being in my routine!' 'oohh where's the lesson? where is it?' 'oooh now I don't have to go running!'

And then, two minutes into Savasana, I could feel it. In my hands. It's like I could feel my 'pulse',  a shift of energy out and then a shift back in. The energy in my hands was unmistakable, as though the universe was giving me what I needed to go out and do everything that I need to do. Buzz!

Lunch hour = quick fix. Win!