Free Will Astrology

I'm a little obsessed with Rob Brezney's Free Will Astrology - he always manages to give me more inspiration than instruction (this week I am compared to Gwyneth Paltrow, yes, thank you) and some solid thinking points. Currently we (Rob and I) are exploring the concept of perfection and I think he pretty much nails it. While Gwyneth is beautiful, rich, famous, in great shape and has a killer wardrobe, I agree that we should strive for a bit more and ask ourselves the following questions:

- Are you doing the work you love?

- Are you engaged in ongoing efforts to transform your darkness?

- Do you practice compassion with wit and style?

- Are you saving the world in some way?

- Are you skilled at taking care of yourself?

If you're hitting all five, you're probably pretty perfect yourself!

Check your own free-will horoscope!