Getting back in.

Since the end of my mala, I've been on a yoga vacation of sorts. Like I said, I had to go to extremes to find middle ground, but I'm not sure that I've quite figured out what that means. In some ways, I think I went too far. I may have been too intense. I may have taken on too much too fast.

My yoga practice was very young when I entered into this 108 days, and I definitely didn't understand what an extended practice of this nature would mean for me. I wasn't to a place where I was solidly in my own head while in class, and I don't think I burned out on yoga so much as I grew weary of everything that was going on around me. I have only been to two or three classes since finishing on April 29th, and it's been very difficult for me to be away from my mat, and away from the energy of a packed, sweaty class. I miss the community and at the same time, I need a new one.

On monday, I met a friend in Chapel Hill for a class at Franklin Street Yoga - she was the only person I knew in the room and we didn't end up next to each other. The class was mat-to-mat (which I love) and I ended up between two men who were definitely 'in it.' There was something about being in a new place, anonymous and free to explore my practice in a new way. I had zero self-consciousness around belting out my Ommmmmms and the few times I glanced up, there was some beautiful yoga being done in that room, and no tension as a result of the nearness generated by a full class.

I struggled, I succeeded, I definitely fed on the solid practices of the two yogis next to me. There was a new energy and a renewed focus to my practice.

To keep things fresh, we have to move around. It is important to have a solid home base, but it is imperative that we go out into the world and experience things to bring new life to our old routines.

My acupuncture practice in Raleigh is continuing to grow, but I get out of town quite frequently, try to learn new things and add new services so that I keep work exciting. My yoga practice is still developing, and my studio has been an amazing home base, but I think it is also important that I try new teachers and styles to keep it flowing.

So, I am on a search for the next thing, and excited to see what I find.