Getting Home

After exercising incredible self-restraint to keep my speed under control on the highway and 11 hours in the car yesterday, and a full day of work today, I made it. Back to blue lotus. It was an amazing homecoming. I was so excited to be back, so excited to be in my routine, at my home base, back to my grounding point and to feel the strength that comes from that familiarity. I realized, while I was away, how lucky I am to get to practice yoga the way that I do: in a beautiful studio, with wonderful people and inspired teachers. Not all studios are created equal, and mine, ours, is light years ahead of everything else I saw while I was in florida. That this amazing place is my yoga home... kind of blows my mind a little. Speaking of 'home' - I felt as though I also returned to the home that is my body. Yoga has become my resting time, when my mind and my spirit settle into their sofas and take a little breather from running the show. After a holiday weekend of family and logistics management, it was such a relief to find that quiet place and go to work on my mat. I was kind of dehydrated and hit the wall about an hour into class, but that's just where I was tonight. Not quite up to speed, but so happy to be there. SO happy to be there. Here. Home.