Home, home on the range.

After just over a month of funemployment and two weeks on the homestead in Montana, 4 straight days of rain and as many bottles of wine, I figured I'd sit down and write for a bit. I've been making my way through Game of Thrones (in print since I don't have HBO), and finding ways to entertain myself while camped out at my parents' (sweet) place just outside of Bozeman. Leaving Boulder after so many years was a slight shock to the system, and while I don't miss the plaid-clad bros clogging up the bar at Centro on monday night, I do miss my friends, my yoga studio and Ozo coffee something fierce. And maybe I miss the plaid a little, but plenty of that here.

After a bit of trial and error, I think I've found a yoga studio (hot yoga, shocking, I know), a decent coffee shop to snug up in with my laptop and a whiskey bar to call my own.

So, on to the next adventure and making Montana feel like home  (not too hard since my mom is kind of a gangster when it comes to design with western flair - I'll be taking a few of these ideas with me when I get my own place).

Yee-haw & Namaste.