I and Love and Yoga

So, for those of you who don't know, the title of this post is a tribute to the oh-so-delectable Avett Brothers, whose music has gotten me through some very VERY tough times and for whose New Year's Eve concert I acquired a ticket today. Was that a super awkward sentence or WHAT?

I and LOVE and YOGA. I always learn something new. Sometimes I am reminded of how much I have yet to learn. Recently, I have been feeling as though things in my life are starting to solidify. I am feeling more confident at work and at yoga, my place is coming together and I'm starting to make new friends. I feel pretty good about things and it's starting to get easier. I've had some tough days on the mat and at the office, but I've felt as though I've got the basics down. Like I could do it....with my eyes closed? I would've liked to think so!

That theory was put to the test tonight. It was a pretty mellow class. We did poses that I am very familiar with, but that I apparently can NOT do with my eyes closed. Hmmm. So, where does this leave me? I got pretty frustrated, and I felt myself begin to slack off.  I think that sometimes our brains trick us into thinking that we're working as hard as we can, when we are really just skimming the surface. Take away that superficial sense of perception and you are forced to confront things on a deeper level. What am I really capable of? How hard am I trying, really? and now... how much can I actually get out of this? So, so much more. You get out what you put in, and if I get to that point, where I am really maximizing my efforts and the rewards for my work, I'll be able to do it... (wait for it)... with my eyes closed.

Fortunately, our always inventive teacher was clever enough to combine CHOCOLATE with this practice. I mean, RIDIC, right? Thank goodness I had something to work towards. Should-be-easy flow, don't get frustrated! work towards...CHOCOLATE! Oh, ok, I'l keep going =D

So, again, we're back to basics. Reexamining how I do things. Strengthening the foundations while I'm still close enough to the beginning to undo any bad habits.

Still in it, much farther from the destination than I had thought, but so much more of the journey left to enjoy.