Monday Night Flow: Heyyyyyy Feet!

There is something about putting your head on your feet that changes your perspective.

Firstly, I had no idea that my head was that close to my feet. I didn't realize that I was holding myself up with my arms, and then I relaxed into the pose... pat, there were the bottoms of my feet... on the top of my head.

A visual:

 Heeeeeeey FEET!  That was pretty cool.
For the record, we were doing a modification of this pose in which the spine is more rounded and the head and neck hang loose so that the top of the head comes in contact with the floor (or feet!). 
Prior to this meeting of my feet, I had been trying to have no thoughts, and while having no thoughts,  I thought of something pretty interesting. I've had a few classes now where I a) do something that I had no idea that I could do and I'm rather proud of myself or b) I have no idea what I'm doing, I try it and it's hard / terrible and I'm still proud of myself. When I push, I either press up right against my boundaries or I find that I can go significantly farther than I thought I could.
In class tonight I remembered that we all have our unique set of challenges. There are situations that flaunt your strengths and situations that expose your weaknesses and no one's are the same. In yoga, we all come to neutral territory: the mat. Some people are really strong, but not so flexible and vice versa. Different poses favor one or the other, but we all bring our own mix to the mat and work it out from there.
In life, everyone is the product of his or her own experience, and you never quite know someone's story until you start bumping into their shit. Just like in our homes, no one's stuff is going to be set up  the same way yours is, and you can't run around telling people how to arrange their furniture. In life, you have to create the mat. You have to hold that neutral space in which you allow others to come to you as they are, without judgment, without telling them how to be. That safe place is what invites people in, and what creates trust in any relationship.You have to maintain your boundaries, but you also need to have some give.

Strong and flexible.