No Woo for You!

So, I returned to my Flow & Stretch class of monday night - dead set on finding my buzz.

I found: tight hips, a craving for chinese food, a list of things to do to get patients, and the harsh realization that 'enlightenment,' or the Woo as I shall henceforth refer to it, might be a little harder to come by than I had thought. Also, I found that my practice tonight was a bit more painful than I had been anticipating. I have dived into this adventure thinking that as I come by flexibility naturally, I just get to coast through the physical part. Not so. Just as I came by a lot of things I learned in school pretty easily, that doesn't necessarily mean that my practice will be a success right off the bat. I'm going to have to start at the beginning, and make sure that my foundations are strong as I progress, in both things.

I'm seeing so many parallels between my practice and my practice (that being my work and my yoga), that reaffirm my conviction that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Yoga is the yin to my work's yang. I get to take back in what I have put out over the course of my day. I am creating routine for myself which allows me to better keep track of changes (good and bad) and anything that may be out of balance. When things are going smoothly, I am able to easily find my 'space' in yoga. When something is out of whack I can't tune it out and I know that I need to give that imbalance my attention. It's a rather convenient system of checks and balances that I have set up for myself.

I think that my buzz of monday was a just a little taste of what's to come, just as the joy I get out of working on people is just a taste of how gratifying my work can be as I get deeper into it. Tonight, I didn't get my buzz on, but I did get a healthy taste of reality, and that may turn out to be more enlightening. Only entropy comes easily, and chaos is not what we're working towards.