Over the Hump

Good morning, Wednesday. This morning I find myself on the sofa with a large mug of coffee, a beautiful view and inspiration in my heart. I have a feeling that today will change things.

Through tumultuous times, with so much uncertainty and so much change, I have managed to keep the beat, to keep hold of what's really important, of who I am and of who I want to be, constantly refining my vision. The weeks and months leading up to today have prepared me for what is to come, but isn't that always the case? As I prepare for a job interview this afternoon, I am certainly more aware of the momentum, but I am also reminded that we can live every day as though all those previous have been preparing us for the next. We can remind ourselves to take in as much as possible, look for the lessons, learn from our setbacks and keep moving forward to be better prepared for what may come.

This is the flow - the good, the bad, the lateral moves and inevitable obstacles - and how we choose to live within it defines us. So here's to Wednesday - and Thursday, Friday and Saturday - because each new day is a chance to make a change.