I am sick of listening to yogabloggers rag on lululemon. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, some people are whores for overpriced yoga clothes. Yes, towns like Boulder and LA and NYC and other places where there are hoity toity yoga studios and a lulu store right around the corner tend to cater to rich yogatards. I get it.

You’re above the label. You don’t coordinate your outfit. You’re there for the experience not the fashion show. Point taken.

But it really just sounds like sour grapes, so shut it.

I'll admit that the stuff is nice, though donning goods from the nicer Canadian line didn’t change my practice one bit. If anything, they’ve been a detriment to my focus. The first day that I rolled up into my favorite class feeling cute, some yogahottie sat behind me and tried to make conversation and I was so thrown off I could barely hold a low lunge.

You want to hate the bimbo with the outfit and no concept of akhimsa? Go right ahead, but the clothes aren't what made her an asshole, though they sure seem to be turning you into one.