Pure Bliss

Last night was my yin class, which I kind of love and kind of hate. I love because it is mellow. I hate because keeping my mind in check for extended periods of time while in a somewhat uncomfortable pose really isn't that fun. fortunately for me, I went into class on an absolute tidal wave of euphoria thanks to a little surprise I had gotten. Then, just to make things even more delicious, our teacher's opening remarks included the following phrase: Tonight is not about manipulating your experience, it's about being with whatever you've brought with you tonight. Let your thoughts flow! Alright-y then!

And I did, and it was wonderful. It was like a brain vacation and I am so glad that I had something so positive to focus on and I didn't have to feel remotely guilty about giving in to it. That hour was the best of my month so far (aside from my first deposit into my business bank account!) and I'm still kind of riding the high.