Putting it out there.

I am, by nature, a seeker. I am always on the hunt for new experience, education, people and places. Sometimes, when I feel as though I have taken a wrong turn, I'd rather start over and pretend I never went down that road, but oftern our failures are our best teachers and to deny them is to deny where we've been, and who we are. So I am trying to incorporate my personal 'map' into something new and exciting, without discrediting the value of my detours. I have felt compelled to teach yoga since I first set foot in Blue Lotus oh so many months ago. I have an enormous amount of down time as I am without full time work, and I am hoping that I can find a way to make a teacher training happen during this time, both logistically and financially. I'm just putting it out there in hopes that God hears me and intervenes on my behalf.

Teacher training. 2011. Let's make this happen.