Monday Night Flow: Starting Over

If you do the same thing over and over, eventually you get comfortable, it becomes easier, you don't have to try quite so hard to achieve the same result. Pretty soon you can do it with your eyes closed, just going through the motions. While whatever it was is now easier, you gain very little from going through the motions. This is the perfect time to check your game, tighten up, and make sure that you're really doing everything at 100%.

Two things happened today that sent me back to basics. First - I had more patients than I knew what to do with; seems like business is finally running on its own steam. I realized that I could just let it run on its own, but that I should keep putting forth the same amount of effort as I did on day one: revisiting basic marketing, improving my space, streamlining the patient experience. Always keep striving to be better, to do more. Second, yoga tonight was borderline.... dare I say it? Easy. Almost. It was almost easy. But that reminded me - there is still so much more to learn. There is perfecting the postures that I now do with ease, refining how my muscles engage in each motion - not just doing it, but doing it with style.

Again, and for the first time, experiencing each motion with awe and wonder. IN IT. Always.