Slackcountry(n.) - a term that generally refers to non-resort skiing easily accessed by car and / or non-resort skiing which involves hiking in a short ways and building a kicker to "huck" off of all day and / or (as I use it) non-resort skiing that doesn't require that I get out of bed before 11am, allows me to eat a proper breakfast and involves minimal commitment. Skiing today met all of the above qualifications.I got up at 8, made coffee, crawled back in bed. Watched two episodes of Downton Abbey (don't judge), and texted my buddy at 11. Tweaked my boots, got him set up on skis, hauled my dog up into the truck and left for Caribou Pass at 1.An hour later we were at the trailhead. Sunny, calm, caffeinated, fed. Skins on and ready to go.

A quick skin in, a quick run down, a drive back into town and to the Mountain Sun for a ridic burger and a stout. Mission accomplished.