WTFriday - Sequester This

Headline unrelated, but timely, no? Thank god the Harlem Shake is dead.


The Oscars.

While I had a great time watching the Oscars with my friends on Sunday night, I had to make a concerted effort to focus more on my ballot and the mini cupcakes than the tasteless jokes and generally negative vibe the show left me with. I still love Jennifer Lawrence and yet, even though I firmly agree with everything she stands for, Anne Hathaway's breathless and baby-voiced acceptance, and weird, shapeless dress, left me cold.

Other points of controversy (cuntroversy?):

The Onion's now deleted unfunny and horrendous tweet about Quvenzhané Wallis.



Equally off target: David Carr of the New York Times' response.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 12.28.26 PM 1


Um, the Onion's tweet wasn't edgy. Not funny. And no one got thrown under the bus as the Onion writers never get to take credit for their stuff. But apparently someone got fired. And I guess they're sorry.

While I'm at it, I'm going to include Seth McFarlane's generally unfunny and sexist performance as a host.

Disproportionate ratio of female wins to male wins (I only missed three of my major category predictions, so it's not like I was surprised) aside, is making fun of women, like, a thing in Hollywood? Seems passe. I'm pretty sure that making fun of 9 year olds by other 9 year olds is called 'bullying,' and 'harassment' at the hands of an adult. And making fun of an African-American 9 year old girl who's starring in her first movie and up for a major award? I have no words. She was so cute and excited and and deserving of the honor of being nominated. Does she not get the same kindness and respect showed Anna Paquin, at the very least? What the fuck is wrong with people?


Goats. Yes, Still.


And yes, I know your ass has definitely not dispatched itself from your body due to my highly advanced sense of hilarity, but still. Goats.


Last friday I went to Nerd Prom with another redhead. Also dressed as Darth Vader. Two redheads, dressed as sexy Vaders. #neverseenbefore #untilnow


@pontifax drops the mic, signaling the "end of an era." He started tweeting Dec. 12th, but hey, it's never too late to get religious about social media. His last tweet to his 1.5 million followers:

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 11.46.08 AM

The Pope Emeritus was subsequently removed to the papal retreat at Castel Gandolfo. By Helicopter. And took a joyride over Vatican City - which released a sixty page photo album of Benedict XVI's time as The Holy See. Written entirely in Comic Sans. I mean, they could have used Pope-yrus. Just saying. (I only included this bit so I could drop a font joke.)


I had the opportunity to watch #TED2013 live from Long Beach, and I think most people who saw it will agree with me - @amandapalmer pretty much won. Her talk, below, on the power of asking, is everything I love about the TED experience: message, performance, action. I don't have a whole lot of commentary. Watch for yourselves:

And a gratuitous link to start the weekend!