I’m sure that my friends / family / coworkers get annoyed when I whip out my iPhone and make them wait to begin their meal so that I can snap a few photos of everyone’s dishes, but there’s something about taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of what you’re about to eat. Taking that photo is an homage of sorts to the food, the folks who grew it, to those (maybe you) who prepared it - a chance to take it all in and a chance to remember it later.

It’s a small thing, that photo on your phone camera, but when we take the time to appreciate what goes into our bodies, we tend to take better care of ourselves on the whole. When we realize how much better we feel, we encourage others to take care of themselves too, to take better care of each other, to take better care of their surroundings, to make choices that better affect our planet… If you let it, the effect moves further and further out from that simple photo than you can imagine.

Free Will Astrology

I'm a little obsessed with Rob Brezney's Free Will Astrology - he always manages to give me more inspiration than instruction (this week I am compared to Gwyneth Paltrow, yes, thank you) and some solid thinking points. Currently we (Rob and I) are exploring the concept of perfection and I think he pretty much nails it. While Gwyneth is beautiful, rich, famous, in great shape and has a killer wardrobe, I agree that we should strive for a bit more and ask ourselves the following questions:

- Are you doing the work you love?

- Are you engaged in ongoing efforts to transform your darkness?

- Do you practice compassion with wit and style?

- Are you saving the world in some way?

- Are you skilled at taking care of yourself?

If you're hitting all five, you're probably pretty perfect yourself!

Check your own free-will horoscope!