Things come together.

It's been a while since a good yoga post, and it's been a while since I've been in a place to get the good out of my yoga. We'll call what I've been doing for the last few months 'survival yoga.' Still amazing, but I've not been in a space to really chew on what's been going on for a while. This week, that changed. Things were different. There was physical expression available to me that hadn't been previously, and the openness with which I faced my experience on the mat gave me a greater openness to the lessons that were there for me.

I managed to make it to three classes this week, and the first, a mourning of sorts for the the things that have been and a lament for a certain vacancy in my life. It hurts, when you want to fall into someone and there's no one to fall into. I picked myself up, I moved on and continued as I do. On my own. Everything in time.

The second, elation. Gratitude for the amazing people in my life and beautiful place that I live. I went to class last night to squeeze in a workout before a night out with my girls, and I saw so many of my favorite people and realized what an amazing community I have at om time and how fun it is to practice with my best friends every day. I will always look back at this time in my life as one of wonder and fortune, because how many people get to do the things we do everyday? It's kind of ridiculous.

This morning, I didn't even want to go to class, but isn't that always the way of it. I went, and I saw the change happen, in real time. Poses come to me, a-ha moments one after another, and my day unfolded in a way that it only could have because I went to that class. I managed to connect with my teacher in a way that I haven't in so long, I ran into old friends as a result of a chain of events that couldn't have gone any other way and the serendipity of the entire day was not lost on me.

One good decision begets many many more.