this, right here, is the shit.

4 classes in a row, and I'm already sliding right back into my practice. There were so many things I worried I'd forgotten, so many places of strength I didn't think I'd be able to find, but they are all still there for me. Often my mind can't follow the cues, but my body can, and before I even realize it, I'm there. 

I had the good fortune today of slipping (late) into a class with a teacher who I hadn't practiced with in a while, and though the last time I took his class (a year ago) was solid, today he blew my mind. As I settled into the vibe of the class I felt that growing recognition that every cue, every beat of the music, every transition was exactly where I wanted it to be, before I even knew what I wanted and I found myself bouncing in and out of poses, grooving while I was in them and intuitively moving on to the next. This was the kind of yoga, I thought, that people who live elsewhere assume that Boulder yogis do all the time, and while we are lucky to have some of the most amazing and inspired folks who teach and practice here, it is a rare gem of a class when everything is aligned and it all comes together for you in that perfect hour of pure flow. "This," I said to myself, out loud, "is the shit."