My first two-fer. I went to yin practice tonight and felt a little off afterward. When we'd release from a pose, I kept getting these floods of emotion, and I left a little blue and a little off balance. I was curious about the class after, 'power flow,' and I argued with myself in the parking lot as to whether I should stay or go. I checked my voicemail, chatted with dad, hemmed and hawed, put my mat in the car, took it out.. and stayed. Boy did I stay! And I had an interesting revelation. We did this pose that totally intimidates me called bakasana.

Looks like this:

I didn't get there, but I got close! REALLY close! Much much closer than I ever thought, and in trying, I realized how not far off this pose is for me! It was a glimpse into a future in which I can do many things that I never thought I was capable of.  It wasn't an 'oh wow I can do this!" moment, it was a "oh wow I will do this" moment - which is definitely sweeter.
I had another "I will do this" moment at work today - as my practice picks up and my confidence grows, I'm realizing that I have a very special opportunity to accomplish a great deal here in Raleigh.
There is more, about the conversation I had with my teacher tonight, about the revelations I have every now and again on my mat, about the changes I've effected in my life. But that is all side story. The metaphor for yoga vs. life today was that I'm finding my 'edge' (that is, the place where you first start to 'feel it') and it is so much further out than I thought it was. I can accomplish much more than I give myself credit for, and with ease.
Always looking forward to the experience,