Oh, you saw it coming. ;-) There might be a lot of things wrong with Charlie Sheen (DUH), but at least he's got a positive outlook and can spin whatever happens into a win. I'm not so much into the delusional part, but celebrating small victories? That I can get behind.

I had quite the day yesterday. You'd think I'd be used to the emotional self-confrontations, breakdowns, life lessons, etc. but I'm somehow always surprised when 'ow, my hip hurts in this pose' turns into a teary 'blah- blah-blah as a child.' I had a lot to sort through when I got home, and was looking forward to an evening on the sofa finishing up some homework and drinking tea to recover. Unfortunately, as soon as I opened my laptop, my host's disgruntled cat walked into the living room, looked me straight in the eyes, turned it's ass to my duffel bag and peed all over my stuff. {cue meltdown}

While my first inclination was to freak out, I didn't have time for that little luxury. Fortunately, I have some really great friends in Boulder (#WINNING), one of whom has a futon (#WINNING).

I have another job interview today (#WINNING), which puts me one step closer to being able to get my own place (also #WINNING)

I have an amazing community of folks to go through all of this with in my fellow Tillai hOMies, (#WINNING), and an amazing studio full of amazing teachers and incredible classes (#WINNINGx3).

SO, in spite of the fact that my duffel smells like cat pee, I've got plenty of #tigerblood to get me through the setbacks.

Life is full of bumps and challenges, but sometimes, that's the point. The hard times give you an opportunity to come out with a big win. So thanks, Charlie Sheen, for this unexpected wisdom.

Defeat is not an option. It's ON!


if you need some context.... http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/xhdm0r