Product Video Production for Sage Fly Fishing

I was grateful to work with a fantastic team to make this project a reality. Many thanks to Bryan Gregson, Bobby Foster and Drew Stoecklein for logging crazy hours through all kinds of weather and bringing the vision to life.

I'm not a huge fan of product videos, so I really wanted to disguise this one as great story telling. When I asked Jerry about the rod, he started talking about why he loves designing trout rods and his time guiding on the Henry's Fork. The line we'd take was pretty obvious.

So many product vids lose you right out of the gate if you're not in the market for whatever it is they're selling, but I feel as though there's something here for everyone. If you're just getting into fishing, you learn a lot about technique and some very storied water. If you know about Sage, maybe you learn about how our chief rod designer got his start. If you know you want the latest rod, but just need a reason to buy it, that's there too. And, if all you're looking for is some fish porn, we've got you covered.

Product Copy for Alpine Start

#BuiltfortheMission Brand Story for Mystery Ranch Backpacks

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Creative Writing for Orvis

 Graphics and Email Campaign for Strong Boalt

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