ahr•bi•trer•ee•uh m 


an environment ideally purposed for the presentation and analysis of random concepts + ideas // an ecosystem of the arbitrary, if I may

I originally started this blog in 2009 to explore my new yoga practice and the lessons that seemed to come faster than I could process them. Over the years, it's evolved and I've used it as a place to explore other (not entirely unrelated) areas of my life - from wellness and personal transformation to nutrition and relationships. 

And the one constant I've found is that all of these things entirely arbitrary and often interrelated. We are the constantly evolving sum of our choices, and our progress is a direct result of our process. 

What interests me is where these choices lead us. What comes after a good choice, and how do we correct for a bad one? How do we learn to trust ourselves, be kind to ourselves, stay focused, and ultimately move forward in a way that makes us happy with ourselves and how we move through the world? 

This is my favorite conversation.  I hope you'll join in. 

I find so much joy in sharing the evolution of my quest for better choices and a better life, and learning how others are moving toward their ideals and refining their process. 

I believe that curiosity is our greatest teacher and idiosyncrasy our greatest strength, and that nothing pays better dividends than hard work. These are the things that I want to explore and promote in a world that seems to value the end result more than the effort that it took to get there.